2008 Wheelers & Dealers

Place Last Name First Name Team/Sponsor Hometown Category Age Gender
1 MCCORMACK Mark Team FUJI fueled by Clif Bar Foxboro Manufacturer 38 Male
2 DALUISIO Chris specialized Corralitos Manufacturer 45 Male
3 RASMUSSEN Eric Specialized Salt Lake City Manufacturer 30 Male
4 COATS James Specialized Campbell Manufacturer 44 Male
5 MCKONE John Team Northwave Park City Manufacturer 46 Male
6 MCMAHON Mike Team Velocity / Electra Bicycles Lake Forest Manufacturer 41 Male
7 LIGHT Glen MOOTS Steamboat Springs Manufacturer 35 Male
8 VECCA Anthony CCNS/Pedal Power Portland Retailer 28 Male
9 LABARR David Clif Bar Ft Collins Manufacturer 33 Male
10 WARD corey Specialized morgan hill Manufacturer 32 Male
11 GIBSON Nick Yakima Bike Vigilantes Portland Manufacturer Male
12 MELIS Chad DaleSpot Brand Manufacturer 32 Male
13 AMES Samuel Action Sports Bakersfield Retailer 39 Male
14 SCHULTZ Ed BikeRx Boulder Retailer 38 Male
15 DEPAEMELAERE Dan Wheels Manufacturing/PM Racing Team Lafayette Manufacturer 41 Male
16 HERRING Jeff Team CICLE Presented by Voler Altadena Advocacy 38 Male
17 ANDERSON Lorne Labicicletta/ J Lindeberg Toronto Retailer 37 Male
18 BARTHEL George Giant Bicycle Sherman Oaks Manufacturer 30 Male
19 OHRAN Matt Mona Vie / Cannondale Ketchum Male
20 VANWEELDEN Dylan Yakima Bike Vigilantes Portland Manufacturer 30 Male
21 ROESINGER Eric Yakima Portland Manufacturer Male
22 MARCHESCHI Erick Specialized Morgan Hill Manufacturer 38 Male
23 DOWLING Darren Fastrack Bicycle & Run Sarasota Retailer 24 Male
24 TILLOTSON Richard Team AVX Bikes Atlanta Retailer 24 Male
25 BAUERS Sage The Bicycle Business/ BEER Sacramento Retailer 24 Male
26 PENZARELLA Scott Bike Rx Mill Valley Retailer 34 Male
27 CREED Amy SRM USA Colorado Springs Manufacturer 33 Female
28 YSELIEMIS Engin Scott USA Ketchum Male
29 REBOL Joshua Specialized Morgan Hill Manufacturer 35 Male
32 SMITH Taro Boulder Cycle Sport Boulder Retailer 36 Male
33 CROOKS Andrew NYC Velo Ketchum Male
34 CAPRON Ben Specialized Bicycles Morgan Hill Manufacturer 38 Male
35 STULL James Kaladi-Subway / Chain Reaction Cycles Anchorage Retailer 33 Male
39 BOBUSCH Seve BMC North America Bloomington Distributor 37 Male
40 STEPNIOWSKI Waldek Clif Bar Littleton Manufacturer 45 Male
41 FOX Joe Cycle City Kansas City Kansas City Retailer 25 Male
42 CONDON David Yakima Bike Vigilantes Wilsonville Manufacturer 32 Male
43 BROTHERS Brian Skins Racing / Bicycle Station Cheyenne Retailer 42 Male
44 JUSKAITIS Andrew Giant Bicycle Thousand Oaks Manufacturer 35 Male
45 ERICKSON Gary Clif Bar Berkeley Manufacturer 52 Male
46 SCARAFIOTTI John Krieg Cycling Nashville Manufacturer 32 Male
47 HUGHES Brian Fast Splits Randolph Retailer 31 Male
48 CLAUSSE Steve McGhie’s Ski & Bike Las Vegas Retailer 34 Male
51 DEKOLD Erik Canari Cyclewear Vista Manufacturer 30 Male
52 GUITIERREZ Alex J&B Importers Hollywood Distributor 42 Male
53 SCHINDEHETTE Dave Specialized Bicycles Morgan Hill Manufacturer 40 Male
54 ELGART John Voler Team Apparel Sacramento Manufacturer 62 Male
55 GROSSMAN Larry SQUIRT LUBE Eagel Distributor 51 Male
56 SHAW Nathan Scott/Ritchey Cyclocross Team Castro Valley Manufacturer 27 Male
57 DODGE Samuel Tim’s Balls Danbury Manufacturer 27 Male
58 FORNES Brian Raleigh Bicycles Kent Manufacturer 36 Male
59 BROWNE Neil ROA Magazine Long Beach Media 40 Male
60 TOMICH Petar Mavic Sports Groveland Manufacturer 38 Male
61 WALKER Robert Barries Ski and Sports Pocatello Retailer 53 Male
62 COYNE Brian McGhie’s Ski & Bike Henderson Retailer 25 Male
63 WEISS Mike Michelob Ultra/Big Shark Racing St Louis Retailer 39 Male
64 YEE Andrew Cyclocross Magazine Mtn View Male
65 NELSON Jeff Yakima Bike Vigilantes Beraverton Manufacturer 28 Male
66 SAUTTER Chris Yakima Bike Vigilantes Portland Manufacturer 42 Male
67 GOOCHER scott jacks bicycle Monroe Retailer 39 Male
68 FLEMING Bill Kaladi/Subway Anchorage Retailer 38 Male
69 NELSON Sean the hub cycling league Minneapolis Retailer 34 Male
70 MCCLUSKY Mark Wired Magazine San Francisco Media 37 Male
71 GASCON Jessie Shimano Irvine Manufacturer 38 Male
72 GERSBACH Jennifer Dales Pale Ale/Spot Brand Bikes Avon Manufacturer 29 Female
74 TUMA Chris McGhie’s Ski & Bike Henderson Retailer 41 Male
75 DEWAR Ian Specialized Riders Club Morgan Hil Manufacturer 37 Male
76 PREHN Thomas CatEye Boulder Manufacturer 51 Male
77 STEUDEL Katy Team Pegasus/ Hayes Bicycle Group Milwaukee Manufacturer 23 Female
78 LAWRENCE Dave Shimano Irvine Manufacturer 36 Male
79 REID Carlton BikeBiz Magazine Newcastle on Tyne Media 43 Male
80 LOLLI Matt Pedal Power/Ghostship Clothing Middletown Retailer 30 Male
81 MINI Hank Mad Cat Bicycles Sacramento Retailer 58 Male
82 JORDAN Dan Paceline Products Pleasant Valley Manufacturer 41 Male
83 ELGART Linda Voler Team Apparel Sacramento Manufacturer 5 Female
84 UPCHURCH Mike Mad Cat Bicycles Sacramento Retailer 39 Male
86 KNEALE Sean SK Sales Aliso Viejo Distributor 36 Male
87 RIDER Walt Alpha Q Germantown Manufacturer 56 Male
88 IVES Ryan Shimano Irvine Manufacturer 38 Male
89 HUNTER bret Sports Optical Racing Team Denver Retailer 41 Male
90 MARSHALL Steve Bear Valley BIkes Encino Retailer 27 Male
91 QUINN Jim Bicycle Link Weymouth Retailer 56 Male
92 VENTOSA Jim Proteus Bicycles Baltimore Retailer 34 Male
93 GANTZER Jeremiah Boulder Cycle Sport Longmont Retailer 20 Male
94 PEEL Jef League of American Bicyclists Washington Advocacy 31 Male
95 MOORE Matt QBP/Surly Bikes Minneapolis Distributor 51 Male
96 KIUNKE kim Vanderkitten longmont Manufacturer 37 Female
97 MOON Sheila Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel Oakland Manufacturer 44 Female
98 HAUGHEY Lauren Cyclocross Magazine Oakland Female
STRUVE Scott Tim’s Balls Middlebury Manufacturer 40 Male
ALLBUT Elizabeth The Bicycle Business Sacramento Retailer 30 Female
HAMILTON Kristie Mikes Bikes sacramento Retailer 37 Female
SUZUKI Jon Missing Link / Ridley Presented by Team Oakland Oakland Retailer 50 Male
MATTHEWS Chris Specialized San Jose Manufacturer 32 Male
WILCOX David Broadway Bicycle School Boston Retailer 28 Male
YUNK Denny Hayes Bicycle Group Mequon Manufacturer 33 Male
HOLMES Christopher Team Ride For A Reason Folsom Retailer 50 Male
SIMS Nic Specialized morgan hill Manufacturer 39 Male
IRIE Yoshinori Shimano Irvine Manufacturer 38 Male
HAMMOND Greg Felt Irvine Manufacturer 36 Male
STARR Dellys Dales Pale Ale/Spot Brand Bikes Lakewood Manufacturer 32 Female
SULLIVAN Sean Mavic Sports Newburyport Manufacturer 37 Male
BERLINGER Michael Mavic Sports Newburyport Manufacturer 30 Male
BRICK Shawn Oakley/Bicycle Haus Scottsdale Manufacturer 36 Male
PROSSER garth Cannondale Dublin Manufacturer 38 Male
DOWNS Bob Planet Bike Madison Retailer 52 Male


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