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Brook Watts



Event Production

It's not enough to organize an event.  We create a spectacle - a show for the spectators.  That's how you provide value to sponsors
  • Creation and magagement of world class promotional and sporting events events with a focus on cycling.
  • Owner and organizer of CrossVegas (Las Vegas, NV) www.crossvegas.com
  • Owner and organizer of Gateway Cross Cup in St Louis, MO (4 year duration)
  • Director, Cross After Dark (nationwide cyclocross series)
  • Director, North American Cyclocross Trophy (nationwide cyclocross series)
  • 25+ years experience managing logistics, public relations, and sponsor activation in more than 100 U.S. and international events including 1984 Olympics, Tour of China and U.S. National Championships.
  • Experience in strategic alliances, sponsorships and advertising for events.collage crossvegas

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