Watts Marketing Inc.

Brook Watts


PR & Promotions

PR and Promotions are essential to the success of every event and sampling program.  From managing daily minutae to full-scale crisis management, our work provides substantial pay off and maximizes your investment



  • Development and implementation of public relations programs for sporting events and promotional programs.
  • Production of promotional activities for consumer product sampling programs and interactive events to expand the consumer experience.
  • Creation of value-added promotions for print, radio and TV to leverage bulk and one-off media buys.
  • Maximize internet and social media efforts with effective promotional messages.

Past Programs

  • Tour of Missouri international bicycle race (Missouri).
  • Tour De Georgia international bicycle race (Georgia).
  • Jeep King of the Mountain MTB Series (Nationwide).
  • Jeep King of the Mountain Ski Series (Nationwide).
  • North American Cyclocross Trophy series (Nationwide).
  • Cross After Dark Cyclocross series (Nationwide).



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