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Watts Marketing provide unrivalled exclusive appointments for the home improvement sector.

Exclusive Solar Panel Appointments

Superior Solar PV Appointments with Watts Marketing


Revenue Generated Worldwide For Our Partners

Completely Bespoke Campaigns

Superior Solar PV Appointments with Watts Marketing


Revenue Generated Across All Campaigns Worldwide

Exclusive Window Appointments

Superior Windows Appointments with Watts Marketing


Revenue Generated Worldwide For Our Partners

Watts Marketing

Lead Generation Experts

What Makes Us Different?

Exclusive Leads

Once you have purchased a lead, it is for your exclusive use only as Watts Marketing guarantee to never re-sell a lead or provide them on a multi-quote basis.

Initial Inbound Inquiry

All our initial inquiries are generated online using various platforms, this means no cold calling which ensures compliance while eliminating vulnerability problems.

Hot-Key Transfer

All of our leads are telephone transferred through to yourself in real-time, strengthening the proposition significantly. This guarantees continuity while minimizing blow out.

Returns Policy

Our Quality Assurance process ensures the quality of our leads at the point they are made.

The opportunity to return up to 20% of your leads if you cannot fulfil a presentation maximises your ROI.

This combined with the correct sales practices, ensure you are paying for a definite presentation.

Industry Leading Compliance

Our dedicated in house quality assurance team listens to and analyse a minimum of 30% of all leads delivered, checking 39 points within our script and objection handling process.

This is how we deliver high quality leads to an industry leading standard.

Zero Upfront Costs

Our existing campaigns do not require any upfront set up costs.

All you need to do is pay for the leads you require the following week and then leave it to us to deliver.

There is no ongoing commitment required from our clients which demonstrates the confidence we have in delivering high quality leads in large volumes.

Step 1:

Generate Raw Inquiry

We use diverse marketing methods to generate what we call a “Raw” inquiry.

Step 2:

Qualify The Lead

Our in house call center agents will contact the customer for you and ask all the qualifying questions.

Step 3:

Set The Appointment

We will then arrange an appointment between the customer and yourselves for a face to face appointment.

$80,000,000 +

Revenue Generated For Our Partners Worldwide

200,000 +

Exclusive Sales Appointments Generated Worldwide

Lead Generation

Here’s what we specialize in.

  • Solar Panel Leads
  • Window Leads
  • Bespoke Campaigns

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